Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NOT my year!!!!

Sigh.... where do i start.... I had my operation on the 7th May, while my stay in hospital my mum was driving back from Melbourne to Geelong & the water pump blew. So that was one drama, then when i got home 3 weeks later, my neighbour drove my car to take me to the shops & my radiator blew.... So still recovering from my pelvis op & going back & forth to doctor appointment, hydro & physio; i was driving my car on Monday & my car decided to blow a head gasket.... when will all end!!!! what a nightmare of a year...
Next year i turn the big 40, i was told last year by a fortune teller that when i turn 40 something great will happen...sigh... PLEASE be good to me lol

So, im stuck home again ....

The other week, i went to the Kaisercraft crop day & thought i would share with you what i spent my time doing...


  1. Fingers crossed things pick up for you soon Rachie! On the other hand this project is gorgeous, I love it! Where did you get this birdhouse from? I am addicted to birdhouses lol. Take care *hugz*

  2. Hi Cassy,
    Thank you for your support.
    This birdhouse is from kaiser, it was about$17 & i used Websters & Prima papers.
    Thank you. xxx