Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WOW... how exciting...

Well, today i arrived home to find the postie had been & left an exciting parcel from "Scrapbooking Allsorts" ... i opened it quickly to find a WONDERFUL box FULL of goodies...
I had won it by entering a simple comp on the blog...Thank you so much Scrapbooking Allsorts...


  1. Congratulations on the goodie pack Rachie. I got mine today too. So exciting. And thank you for letting me know that Create on Garden have Copic paper. I will be going there on Saturday now lol. Love that store, it is so cute. :o)

  2. Congrats on winning the prize pack Rachie. I bet you can't wait to be creative with this stuff...:)

  3. Thanks girls xxx.... yes, it was rather awesome to come home to find it waiting for me ... it was such a fantastic prize pack... Hope to catch up at the c4ac xxx